Master the Basics or Experiment in Style: A Guide to Mobile Legends Classic Mode

MLBB Classic Mode

MLBB Classic Mode Guide: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Overview of MLBB Classic Mode

Classic Mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is the quintessential game mode that introduces players to the core mechanics and strategies of the game. It involves two teams of five players each, competing to destroy the enemy’s base while defending their own. Mastering Classic Mode is fundamental for improving your overall gameplay and understanding of MLBB.

MLBB Classic Mode: The Basics

Description and Objectives

Classic Mode pits two teams against each other with the primary objective of destroying the enemy’s base. Players must work together to push lanes, defeat enemy heroes, and secure various objectives on the map.

Game Mechanics

  • Minions and Lane Structure: Minions spawn in waves and travel down three lanes (top, mid, and bottom). These lanes are fortified by turrets that players must destroy to advance.
  • Jungle Monsters and Buffs: The jungle is populated with neutral monsters that provide gold, experience, and buffs. Key jungle monsters include the Blue Buff (reduces skill cooldowns) and Red Buff (adds burn damage to attacks).
  • Gold and Experience Gain: Gold is earned by killing minions, jungle monsters, and enemy heroes. Experience points (XP) are crucial for leveling up and unlocking abilities.

MLBB Classic Mode: Strategies for Success

Early Game Strategies

  • Farming and Gaining Experience: Focus on last-hitting minions to maximize gold income and experience gain. Secure jungle camps to boost your level.
  • Securing Buffs: Blue and Red Buffs provide significant advantages. Make sure your team controls these buffs to maintain an edge over the enemy.
  • Laning Phase Tips: Stay in lane, farm efficiently, and avoid unnecessary risks. Communicate with your team to set up ganks and secure kills.

Mid Game Tactics

  • Transitioning from Laning to Team Fights: Begin grouping with your team to contest objectives and engage in team fights. Map awareness becomes crucial.
  • Securing Objectives: Focus on taking down turrets, securing the Turtle for a team-wide gold boost, and later, the Lord for a powerful pushing ally.
  • Map Control and Vision: Place wards in key areas to maintain vision and control over the map. This helps prevent ganks and sets up ambushes.

Late Game Strategies

  • Prioritizing Team Fights and Objectives: In the late game, team fights can determine the outcome. Coordinate with your team to engage strategically and secure objectives.
  • Effective Pushing and Split Pushing: Push lanes effectively to apply pressure. Use split pushing tactics to force the enemy to defend multiple areas.
  • Coordinating with the Team: Clear communication is vital for executing late-game strategies. Ensure everyone is on the same page for successful engagements.

MLBB Classic Mode: Hero Picks and Team Composition

  • Tank: Tigreal, Khufra
  • Mage: Kagura, Lunox
  • Marksman: Granger, Claude
  • Assassin: Gusion, Lancelot
  • Support: Rafaela, Estes

Balanced Team Composition

  • Mix of Roles: A balanced team should include a mix of tanks, damage dealers, and supports. This ensures versatility and adaptability in different phases of the game.
  • Adapting Hero Picks: Choose heroes based on the enemy composition and your team’s needs. Flexibility in hero selection can provide a strategic advantage.

MLBB Classic Mode: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


  • Risks of Pushing Too Far: Overextending without vision or backup can lead to easy kills for the enemy team. Always be aware of your position relative to your teammates.
  • Tips to Avoid Overextending: Maintain map awareness, retreat when necessary, and never chase kills deep into enemy territory without sufficient backup.

Poor Map Awareness

  • Importance of Mini-Map Awareness: Constantly check the mini-map to track enemy movements and objectives.
  • Using Wards and Communication: Place wards in key areas and communicate with your team to maintain map control. Share information about enemy positions and potential ganks.

Ignoring Objectives

  • Prioritizing Objectives Over Kills: Objectives such as turrets, Turtle, and Lord contribute significantly to your team’s overall advantage. Prioritize these over individual kills.
  • Strategic Planning for Objective Control: Plan and coordinate with your team to secure objectives methodically.

MLBB Classic Mode: Advanced Tips and Tricks

Wave Management

  • Controlling Minion Waves: Proper wave management can apply pressure on the enemy and create opportunities for objectives.
  • Freezing and Pushing Waves: Freeze waves near your turrets for safer farming or push waves aggressively to force the enemy to defend.

Roaming and Ganking

  • Effective Roaming Strategies: Coordinate with your team to roam and gank effectively. Target overextended enemies and secure kills to gain an advantage.
  • Coordinating Ganks with Teammates: Use communication to set up ganks. Ensure your team is ready to follow up on your engagements.


  • Building Items Based on Game State: Adapt your item build to the current game state and enemy composition.
  • Countering Enemy Heroes: Choose items that counter specific enemy threats. For example, build defensive items against heavy burst damage opponents.

FAQ on MLBB Classic Mode

What is the best strategy for early game success in Classic Mode?

Focus on farming efficiently, securing buffs, and avoiding unnecessary risks. Communicate with your team for ganks and objectives.

How do I effectively transition from early to mid game?

Start grouping with your team to contest objectives and engage in team fights. Maintain map awareness and control key areas.

What are the key factors in winning team fights?

Effective communication, positioning, and coordination. Focus on targeting priority enemies and using your abilities strategically.

How can I improve my map awareness and vision control?

Constantly check the mini-map, use wards in key locations, and communicate enemy movements with your team.

What are the best heroes for solo carrying in Classic Mode?

Heroes like Gusion, Lancelot, and Claude have high carry potential due to their burst damage and mobility.


Recap of Key Points

Mastering Classic Mode involves understanding game mechanics, employing effective strategies, and maintaining team coordination. Prioritize objectives and maintain map awareness to gain an advantage.

Final Thoughts

Regular practice and refining your skills in Classic Mode will significantly improve your overall performance in MLBB. Embrace teamwork and adapt to different game scenarios to excel.

Additional Resources

Videos and Tutorials

Community and Forums

  • MLBB Community Forums: Link to forums for discussing strategies, sharing tips, and connecting with other MLBB players. Engage with the community to learn and grow as a player.

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