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MLBB New Update

MLBB New Update: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Hello Mobile Legends enthusiasts! This week, the Advanced server has rolled out some thrilling MLBB New Updates that are set to shake up the battlefield. From significant hero adjustments and shiny new skins to strategic role changes, here’s everything you need to know about the latest tweaks and enhancements.

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MLBB New Update: Hero Adjustments Overview


  • The fearless knight Leomord receives a substantial buff in this MLBB New Update. His passive now doubles the physical attack gains derived from critical chance items. For instance, with Berserker’s Fury, which traditionally offers a 25% critical chance, Leomord will now benefit from a whopping 50% physical attack bonus. This enhancement makes Berserker’s Fury an even more enticing choice, bolstering his total attack stats by 115. Furthermore, adjustments to his second skill see a cooldown reduction in late game, allowing Leomord more flexibility in his build and playstyle.


  • Chief steps up as a more formidable supporter in the latest patch. Whenever teammates enter the main portal of his ultimate, they now receive a protective shield. This addition strengthens Chief’s role in team fights, offering better engagement and defensive capabilities, fostering a more aggressive playstyle while ensuring team survivability.


  • This warrior sees significant improvements aimed at boosting his viability in the late game. The cooldowns on his skills have been lowered, and his second skill now provides an additional 100 points to his shield in the late stages of a match. These tweaks enhance Badang’s durability and presence during crucial team clashes.


  • The enigmatic Veil finds his destructive capabilities significantly increased. The magic scaling on his second skill has been bumped up by 20%, accompanied by a base damage increase of 200 points. His ultimate isn’t left behind, enjoying a 40% increase in magic scaling. To maintain balance, there’s a slight reduction in the sustained damage from both skills, positioning Veil as a true burst damage threat on the battlefield.


  • Addressing previous underperformance, Savior receives a boost that fine-tunes his effectiveness across all game phases. His early game sees a specific enhancement with a buff to the damage output of his first skill. To offset this, his second skill’s damage is reduced, but its cooldown is shortened by 2 seconds, enhancing wave clearing capabilities, setting up kills, and improving crowd control. Late game adjustments to his ultimate aim to make Savior a formidable foe in extended battles.


  • Cilon is now more agile than ever. His ability to move while casting his second skill greatly enhances his mobility, allowing for fluid movement and positioning in fights.

Alucard (Alus)

  • Alucard sees a pivotal shift in his passive, moving from a physical attack bonus to attack speed. This change, along with other skill modifications, is set to redefine his role on the battlefield, favoring a faster, more relentless assault style.

Harith (Harry)

  • In a bid to balance his dominance in the gold lane early in the game, Harith’s base HP has been reduced by 300 points. This adjustment aims to make him a less daunting opponent in the initial phases.

Julian and Joy

  • Both heroes receive buffs that increase their jungling speed, thanks to enhanced attack speed and damage. These changes are designed to improve their efficiency in farming and scaling into the mid and late game.

Beatrix (BCK)

  • Beatrix’s first skill sees a reduction in attack scaling, aiming to balance her considerable burst potential and maintain competitive fairness.


  • Adjustments to Lunox involve her dark skill and its interaction with cooldown reduction, refining her playstyle to adapt to the dynamic nature of her abilities.

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MLBB New Update: New Skins and Role Changes

  • Alucard’s “Dark Tempest” Skin: This new skin comes with some visually striking in-game effects that fans of Alucard won’t want to miss.
  • Role Changes: Esmeralda and Alucard are now officially tanks. This shift will influence their item builds, particularly making Thunder Belt and War Axe viable options due to their enhanced effectiveness.

Meet Zuin: The New Hero on the Block

  • Zuin makes her debut with a fascinating ability set. “How the world sees me is of little consequence. My name… it will come to you eventually,” she declares. Her ultimate has been tweaked to reduce its shield points, balancing her capabilities with her defensive stats.

MLBB New Update: Gameplay and Item

  • Temporal Rain Emblem System: This new system significantly impacts gameplay, allowing for rapid cooldown reductions post-ultimate, benefiting a wide array of heroes.
  • Winter Truncheon Update: The mechanics have been updated to allow its active skill, Frozen, to be used without cancelling channeling skills—a boon for strategic plays.
  • Sanctum Island Map: All maps will now utilize the cleaner, more streamlined Jungle Camps model from Sanctum Island.
  • New Defense Stats Visibility: Players can now see the exact impact of their defense stats, adding a layer of strategic depth to item purchasing.
  • Kadia Riverlands Background: Heroes like Ling will showcase these new aesthetically pleasing backgrounds, enhancing visual enjoyment.

Conclusion on the MLBB New Update

That wraps up this week’s major updates on the Advanced server. We’re eager to see how these changes will affect your strategies and gameplay. What are your thoughts on the new hero Zuin and the adjustments to your favorite heroes?

Frequently Asked Questions on the MLBB New Update

Who is Zuin, and what role does he play?

Zuin makes her debut with a fascinating ability set. “How the world sees me is of little consequence. My name… it will come to you eventually,” she declares. Her ultimate has been tweaked to reduce its shield points, balancing her capabilities with her defensive stats.

How can I stay updated on the latest MLBB news and updates?

Here are some ways to stay informed:
Follow Mobile Legends official social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).
Check the in-game announcements section.
Browse gaming news websites that cover MLBB updates.
Look for content creators who focus on MLBB news and updates on YouTube or streaming platforms.

What exciting things can we expect from future MLBB updates?

Moonton is known for frequently releasing new content in MLBB. This could include:
New heroes with unique abilities.
Revamps of existing heroes to freshen up the gameplay.
New skins and cosmetics for your favorite heroes.
Balance adjustments to keep the game fair and competitive.
New game modes or events to provide a different play experience.

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